Cleo Ice queen & Wezi | Ninaka Lyrics

Im a soldier in love with this game and im never gonna stop/
And this love hurts but oooh, its never gonna stop//
Natila ahhhwe, Ninaka (×2)

Love for the money, love for the game/ Love that will make you go insane// All the pain and the frustrations that came with all the fame/ Had no hope big dreams was dead/ couldn’t get up out my bed/ hip hop, love of my life, broke my heart and took that knife// hopeless almost took my life/ slipping, falling couldn’t get up// my boy JayRox, called me up, told me Ice, yo we got this track, hop up on it bring it back/ bring rap back, yea you know it its a fact/ you got talent and you gonna make paper stack// image lost in a translation; who I was and what you see/ im a Queen, im a mother but im out here hustling// whats my portion, I was on potions trying to keep my mind in focus/ I was crazy every time the radio never played my track// here’s my truth, and it hurts, open book, flip the page/ spitting image of the girl that was told that she could never win/ but im striving , im surviving, cause success is in my lineage/ voice of the people, voice of the female lioness, won’t be stopped nah//


Now to all my soldiers who stuck with it all through/ I just wanna take this moment to holla my thank you’s// incase I never get the chance or never said it, life is short/ kinda hard to see clearly when the ball is in your court/ I appreciate but they still hate/ I’ll relay the big debate/ is she phoney is she fake, and she really getting cake// does she really rep for the hood or does she eat from silver plates/ that girl faded awww that girl is just highly overrated// you never did it, so don’t you dare tell me how it’s done/ walk in the light, future bright, path lit by a divine kind of light/ they get a fright, with the frenzy that I cause at every show, is it right/ all I got left is passion burning, broken soul/ broken bones, broken dreams, broken records, heavy flows// and I’m repping for a generation/ yup, every nation// and im serving up solutions no matter what the equation/ I’m still Queen of my castle/ salute and respect thw hustle//


Ona kubeka-beka
Konse kwe tapita bango sekelela
Tiba chekelako bango sekelela
Madalitso fullu yeka yeka huh
Vo shupana na bafana tina leka
You remember pene mwenzo seka
Panali, mwenzo meka, but manje muna sala mweka
Ni mulilo ta pasa
Manje tipaya ma show kufika na ku Chipata
Iyi yenve talasa
Tina lwisha kupeza fonse va balansa
Sungani bweze pansi, nkala pansi una njota tiza ku pasa manzi
Nkala pansi, mfumu ndine ufuno shusha, bwela tiku silizise haah!!!!!


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