T-Real (Thomas Mwale) Full Biography

Thomas Mwale, widely known as T Real, was born on December 7, 1991, and grew up in the vibrant city of Lusaka, Zambia.

He is the second child among six siblings, and his humble background has shaped his perspective on life. T Real’s personal motto, coined by himself, is “I am down to earth because I came from dust. I have nothing to brag about, but the fact that I know Jesus died for me and saved me from sin.”

From a young age, T Real discovered his passion for singing and embarked on his recording journey in 2008, during his eighth-grade year.

It was during this time that he released his debut song titled “Lord Forgive Me,” produced by Rich Kay under the esteemed label, Strong Beat Records.

In that same year, T Real committed his life to God, solidifying his faith and making it a central aspect of his artistic expression.

T Real is a multi-talented individual, excelling as a singer, songwriter, and rapper. He believes that music is not just a hobby but an integral part of his existence.

His love for music stems from the belief that everyone has someone who inspires them, and for T Real, that inspiration is found within the realm of music.

Several prominent artists have played a significant role in shaping T Real’s musical career, including Pompi, Mag44, Tlo, Abel Chungu Musuka, and T-Born.

Through his artistry, T Real’s primary objective is to spread the word of God and touch the lives of those who are lost, ultimately aiming to lead them to salvation.

His unwavering commitment to his faith and the pursuit of sharing God’s message fuels his creative endeavors.

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