Al Kan Ft. Holstar| African Pot Of Gold Lyrics

[Holstar] Hook
What am I to do as an African youth
African youth
In Africa with African roots X 2
Searching for that pot of gold….
But I know where the truth lies, is
in my mind
Is in my mind
[Al Kan-I] VERSE1
Al Kan-I, ladies and gentlemen/
Tryna be corrupt free, kick out the middlemen/
Little then, did they know, I’m shivering/
Nervous to hear political promises, are they delivering?/
My stance: non-partisan, what am believing in?/
Am just an African youth,looking for pieces to the puzzle/
Unemployed, so i’m tempted to guzzle/
aspire for leadership when am older, its a hustle//
Just to get into the arena, politics will get your hands stained/
I wasn’t built for this, can i campaign/
still though, aspire for greatness, can you feel this mans pain/
As an African youth, i yearn for inspiration/
Original leadership, with no imitation/
A change of mindset that will just bring the nations/
To prosperity, we can tackle the poverty/
Together, if we could join forces/
Destroy graft elements on the continent, if all of us/
Can just, work as one nation, will have an African revolution invasion/
you feel me, the revolution shall be televised/
[Hook] – Holstar
Al Kan-I
It’s gon be an African revolution every day/
Shout to the founding fathers, the KKs
The Nelson Mandelas and the Julius Nyereres
young African Leader like am Andrew Ntewewe/
Revolutionary Like Samora Machel/
we dont kill corruption; horror prevails/
and Who will be to blame, it’s all of ourselves
Whether we hating or loving it/
No two ways about it,
it’s good governance/
aspire for the top, what if the top dont inspire me/
Only Visionary leadership, will burn the fire in me/
Trace my roots, where KK was born/
The irony….
The revolution shall be televised/
The truth is setting us free, never telling lies/
I forever rise
Highly energized, feed off positivity of the many minds/
One time for your mind….

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