AQUALASKIN Is Wack Cinori XO Says (See Why)

Rapper Cinori Xo has publicly criticized fellow musician AQUALASKIN, calling him a “wack artist” in a post on his Facebook page.

The post, which was accompanied by the caption “Let’s stop pretending,” comes after the release of AQUALASKIN‘s new hip-hop song “Balankumbwa,“.

Xo’s post has sparked a heated debate on social media, fans are taking sides and defending their favorite artist with coming to AQUALASKIN’s defense, arguing that he has a right to express himself in his music and that Xo’s criticisms are unwarranted.

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Others have sided with Xo, agreeing that AQUALASKIN’s moves are disrespectable he needed not to drop any music on the same day with Chef 187.

Below is a screenshot.

It remains to be seen how AQUALASKIN will respond to these latest criticisms, but it is clear that the debate over his music and lyrics will continue.

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