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Blake Zambia Says His The Co-Writer To Yo Maps Hit #Aweah & Not The Ghost Writer To That Song (Listen Below)

Following the success to the new hit song done by Yo Maps dubbed #Aweah, a story is circulating around social media that Yo Maps didn’t fully write the entire song and was assisted by one of Zambia’s promising incoming singer Blake Zambia.

Blake Zambia mentions Yo Maps has not been fulfilling the deal they had agreed on before the song was even published to the world.

The two gifted singers had agreed to share royalties upon the songs release but now that the song is out and seems to be breaking airwaves in just 4 days after its release, Blake came out to share he hasn’t been credited and probably wont get any share out the song.

Catch a few Nuggets to who is a Co-writer & Ghost Writer below before you watch the full insight given by Blake Zambia.

Who is a co-writerAny person who contributes to a composition along with you. (A co-writer may be a songwriting collaborator you work with in the studio, but also, less obviously, could be the original writer of a song you sample.)

Who is a Ghost-writer – a “person who composes music for another composer but is not credited on the cue sheet or in the final product in any way.” The practice is considered one of the “dirty little secrets of the film and television music business”.

Listen Fully Below. 

"We should write a song & share royalties"Yo Maps Aweah song Blake


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