Bobby East | Legend Lyrics

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Run With Me Or Run
For Me
Day Walker
(Jump Pon De Rhythm)
B.East Coming Out Soon
Have Bean Waiting A Long Time For This
[Verse 1] ¤
Hey !
This Is What The Truth Is,
I Am Were The Booth Is,
Am Sicker Than A Nigga Who Be Squarting In The Bushes,
Mwayambo Kamba Kamba Kudelela In The Head,
If I Had One Wish I Would Wish A Nigga Wood,
You Be Sleeping With The Fish
& Make A Nigga Turn Dolphin,
Might As Well Take The Wood & Build Your Own Coffin,
I Don’t Speak Often,
I Shut Up & They Listen,
Reminice About The Time & Other Part You Piercing,
Buck When I Coverd Tracks Niggas With The White Sheen,
I Had The Box Type Corola That Was Never Clean ,
All The Girls Were Divas & No One Would Be A Vixen,
Now They Into Zombies Now They Swallow All My Children,
Mu Pempela Nikafe Have Me Laying In The Dirty,
Mukatenge Picture Yanga Muka-Fake Pa T.Shirt,
Ati R.I.P To Bobby Naku-Lila Boza,
Ndiye Day Nizauka,
Muza-ona Maloza,
[Hook] *
Hold Up Nigga !
You Better Hold Up Nigga !
Hold Up Nigga!
[Ndiye Day Niza-Uka Muza -Ona Maloza] [Singing] *
I Wont Fall, I Wont Fall
[Hold Up] *
[Verse 2] ¤
Young Legend Never Bean A Nice Guy,
Gelo Wako Ama Funa Nika-dyeko Pie,
I Drop Sh*t Like A Pigeon
Hope You Listening,
Smack A Babby At His Christening,
Biggie Said That
You Dont Ever Wanna See Me Get Visious Man
Niku Manga Mendo Like A Chicken On Christmass,
Am An X-man Not Bruce Jenner,
I Swear I Love My Agenda,
I Love Italian Leather,
Am Chilling With A Model Type She Lighter Than A Feather,
She Turn Into A Foreset She Yellow Like A Sun-Set,
Nika-Libe Yomba Mai Anani-Uza Mau
Niggas Always Taking Shots Still Ba Missa Monga Kalu,
Understand ?
I See The Evil In These Females
God Explain But The Devil Is In The Details,
Sold My Soul To The Devil For A Chance To Walk With Jesus & They Call Me Young Legend.
I Think Chefy Is One Of The Greatest Who Ever Did It,
I Pulled Out The Cypher
When I Heard He Wouldn’t Do It,
Feel Like A Savage
I Need A Bloody Challange,
Flow Pa Rain Mode
I Think That I Can Take Him,
I Have Never Ever Ever Died In A Song,
Kaleza Kani-ngambe Right Now If Am Wrong
R.I.P To Urban Chaos-mwenzekuni Dissa
Then You Called The Other Day You Asking For A Feature
Hold Up Nigga!
[Hook] *
[Verse 3/Outro] *
Young Legend
Never Bean A Nice Guy,
See The Blue Ticks?
Get No Reply
Nojo Kuli-Landa Got Me Feelin Mellow,
How Many F**King Times I Gotta Say Matero,
Wake Me Up When The Storm Is Over
Lay Me Down Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters.
Uh! & I Pray Your Bullets Chrisey.,
Its Only Zesco Hood Ever Pray For Rainy Days,
Nili Na Temper Ye-idonsa Monga Mulegeni,
Nina Mutima We-Uchaya Monga Kanene,
Okey Sorry Thats The Last Time I Name Drop,
You Should Get To Running When This Thing Pop,
I Realise I Might Never Ever See My Props,
I Roll With Homies Who Mighter Never Ever See The Pops,
Sorry Daddy Did i Ever Say Thank You,
On The Road to Being Great, Always Ungreatful
Young legend!

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