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Soldier Lyrics.
Intro] *
ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh
Kopala Connect
Singing From Kantu
Lets Go!
Kantu Chorus] *
When One Door Closes
Another Will Open,
When Times Get Rough You
Just Gotta
Keep Working,
Limba Chabe Mwandi
Soldier [lets go!] You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do,
Commander Niwe Winenukha No,
Na’ngu Fishupe Soldier Rise
Yeah!] You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do,
Commander Niwe Winenukha No,
Na’ngu Fishupe Soldier Rise
[Camstar Verse 1] ¤
A Year Ago I Was Brock
No Party
Even Peacing Wasn’t Hot Like The Food In My Mom’s Kitchen,
Mom Listen, Girls Want Me Now Am Like A Wedding Ring,
First Things First Got The Money Thats The Better
Everything Is On Me The Music Is My Life Style
Turn Doors From Lucking But I Couldn’t Put The Mic Down,
One Hand On A Microphone
Other Hand On A Bill,
Did I Get My Flavour So That B**ch Put a Hotter Stew,
Man If Still, Am Super Man Fresh,
Music Is In My Fresh
Get The Difference Check
Microphone 1,2,
I Do What I Want To
You Do What You Gotta Do
Nigga Keep Your Hustle On,
Chorus] ¤
Camstar Verse 2] ¤
You Can Find A Couple Eggs
On My Tongue,
But You Can’t Understand What I Say Cause You Dumb,
Half The Time ,
I Rhyme None Y’all Can Process,Its Not A Contest, Dont Take This Out Of Context,
God Bless The Rhymes Yes
You Rhyme -Less
Speak To Me When You Equally Deep As Me,
6fit While I Burry This Beat(s) Rest In Peace,
Came A Long Way
Niggas Thought I Fell
But I Rose Up,
Y’all Think Its Horror But So What?
Hold Up.
Just Let It Breath
Matter Of Fact Let It Be,
I Aint Rapping In Your Pores, These Raps Here were Bars,
Put Your Money Were Your Mouth Is Before You Talk To Me Nigga!
Chorus ] ¤
Camstar Verse 3] ¤
Am A Different Typa Nigga
You Sean That Movie Django,
Pliz Held On Me
You Sean That Movie Rambo
Bean a Lotta Places Were You Can’t Diss This Kangol,
Before The Snaps Bucks My Head Wore Kangol,
This Flow here Rappers Wish They Had
Am Like Eish Am Glad
Every Metal Type Of Punchelines,
My Bars Here Might Just Break Your Bricks In Half,
Y’all Dudes Behind Me
Hell Yeah Just Kiss My A**
So When Y’all Talk About Being This Sh*t I Laugh,
You Put A Few Söngs On A Radio & Expect To Be That,
See Am Alive & Am Well
The Life Style Is Hip Hop
Keep Your Rhymes To Yourself Cause All The Time Your Sh*t Flops,

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