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Dope G - "My Hair" (Prod. Shom C)

Dope G | My hair Lyrics

INTRO All that beauty is my weakness, the on fleek and the fleekless haha, DOPE G Sakula(Tiye mami) Patula Heya(Tiye mami) Sakula(Tiye mami) Patula Heya(Tiye mami) CHORUS {THEY JUDGE ME BY MY HAIR) You running to the salon but beauty uli nayo kale come on,

J Mafia & Prince P | Lotta Love Lyrics

Lotta luv (intro) Yung Luscious on this one mhii mmhii Open it!! anoda uon fi di gyal dem,,Wi run tings,tings dem ah nuh run wi haa anoda uon wi haffi burn dem tings =No Doubt (chorus) Sometimes l think about it for me to express

Bobby East | Legend Lyrics

LEGEND LYRICS * Intro) ¤ Mr Starsh Logo) * Run With Me Or Run For Me Day Walker (Jump Pon De Rhythm) B.East Coming Out Soon Have Bean Waiting A Long Time For This ¤ [Verse 1] ¤ Hey ! This Is What The Truth

Camstar & Kan2 |Soldier On Lyrics

Soldier Lyrics. * Intro] * ooh ooh * yeah! * ooh ooh ooh * L.S.K * Kopala Connect * Capital! * Singing From Kantu Lets Go! Kantu Chorus] * When One Door Closes Another Will Open, When Times Get Rough You Just Gotta Keep Working,


POWER (LYRICS) *Don Corleone talking* I have a sentimental weakness for my children I spoil them as you can see, they talk when they should listen. HOOK I got control, all I feel is power,they want fame, all I need is power. *Martin Luther King