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Muzo Aka Alphonso - "Am in Asia" (Prod. By Dj Jaffe)

Zambian music has seen a lot of revolution for the past ten(10) years now, looking backwards from the days of how music was presented was a different idea unlike now were we have been privileged and been exposed to modern technology that’s contributed vastly in the music industry to be specific.

We took time to look at five of the best artworks the music industry has produced and open for more idealistic heads and talented graphic designers. Below are the five artworks we believe have been the best of them all.

1.Jay Rox – “Lusaka” Album Art Cover

The Lusaka album art cover is very simple and plain when looked at or touched but it’s detailed with a lot creativity on it. The cover was designed as a puzzle which consists townships of Lusaka city. Check it out.

2.Muzo AKA Alphonso – “Am In Sia” Album Art Cover

Am In Sia album cover by Muzo is one artwork that came with lots controversy and took social media by storm. This art is one of its kind.

3.Mumba Yachi – “The Great work” Album Art Cover 

Shadreck Mukenge famously known as Mumba Yachi trended online early this year with and almost got him nicknamed as bamber Yachi. Mumba yachi took the challenge to himself by getting the picture half naked which left him outstanding with an artwork.

4.TiyeP – “Red” Album Art Cover

With TiyeP this year has been a great year to run “just to assume”, looking at him putting out the best hip-hop album in 2017, also his artworks presentations have been lit and nothing can be confiscated from him, it’s been one great year.

5.LJ Mojo – “Moko Moko” Single Art Cover

This is an artwork that spoke before even its release of the song was scheduled, the work put in in this cover was the art from the heart. This artwork has made impact from top designers to emerging designers presenting these kinds off arts.

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