Check Out #Vanilla Track listing | Bobby East


Bobby East will soon be releasing #Vanilla Album.  Vanilla is a 11 track listing album posted by the current XYZ C.E.O on is timeline 20 hours ago and the new single that’s pretty doing well since its debut , “Psycho Bae”.’

The track listing unveils guest artists expected to be in the album respectively Vin Chenzo,Daev,Koby,izreal, Mak & Brewen.

“Vanilla” Track Listing:

  1. “Judas” ft. Vin Chenzo
  2. “Chocolate” ft. Daev
  3. “G.O.A.T”
  4. “M.L.A.M” ft. Koby
  5. “Nana”
  6. “Gimme Enter”
  7. “Jah Mecca”
  8. “Heaven” ft. B – Mak, Kobby&Brewen
  9. “All This Time” ft. izreal
  10. “King L.C”
  11. “Psycho Bae” BONUS TRACK