D Bwoy Telem ft S Roxxy – Toxic Love

Mp3 Download D Bwoy Telem ft S Roxxy - Toxic Love
Mp3 Download D Bwoy Telem ft S Roxxy - Toxic Love

D Bwoy Telem ft S Roxxy – Toxic Love

Musical sensation D Bwoy continues to captivate audiences with his latest hit single, “Toxic Love,” accompanied by a visually striking music video. Following the success of his previous chart-topping collaboration with Yo Maps on “Zumba,” D Bwoy demonstrates his ability to consistently deliver music that resonates with fans.

Directed by the talented Lanzee, the music video for “Toxic Love” adds a captivating visual dimension to the infectious beats and soulful lyrics of the song. Lanzee’s artistic vision enhances the overall listening experience, creating a visually stunning narrative that complements D Bwoy’s musical prowess.

Produced by the skilled hands of Paul Smart, “Toxic Love” showcases D Bwoy‘s versatility and his ability to create music that connects with a broad audience. The song’s soulful lyrics and infectious beats are a testament to D Bwoy‘s dedication to producing high-quality and emotionally resonant music.

As “Toxic Love” continues to gain traction, D Bwoy‘s winning streak in the Zambian music scene solidifies. The combination of his talent, Lanzee’s directorial finesse, and Paul Smart’s production skills ensures that the single and its accompanying music video are set to make a lasting impact.

Music enthusiasts can anticipate being taken on a visual and auditory journey as they immerse themselves in the world of “Toxic Love.” D Bwoy’s commitment to creating memorable music experiences positions him as a force to be reckoned with in the Zambian music industry. Stay tuned for more from this rising star as he continues to make waves with his exceptional musical offerings.


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