Da Exodus (Alexander Salim Sinyangwe Jr II) Full Biography


Da Exodus, originally named Alexander Salim Sinyangwe Jr II, was born into a family of four, with two brothers and one sister, on March 5th.

Growing up in a Christian household, Da Exodus embraced his vibrant personality and passion for rap while remaining deeply rooted in his faith.

His journey through Christianity has been marked by challenges, but he found solace and guidance within the walls of the church.

The realization that serving the Lord was his true calling led Da Exodus to see music as a means of spreading the gospel and becoming a voice of liberation. Gifted with multiple talents including rapping, songwriting, and singing, he was driven to use his skills to impact the world positively.

With a firm foundation in the gospel, Da Exodus perceives music as a powerful medium to communicate the message of Jesus Christ to a global audience.

From a young age, he was drawn to music, which has consistently influenced his life. In 2019, Da Exodus officially embarked on his music career with his debut track titled “Chombo Cha Noah,” featuring the talented singer ABU Abraham.

The song received an overwhelming response and its accompanying music video can be found on his official YouTube channel, Da Exodus.

Throughout his journey as a music enthusiast, Da Exodus has been inspired and motivated by various influential figures, both internationally and within the local music industry.

Iconic artists such as Lecrae, Da Truth, Trip Lee, Shai Linne, Bizzle, KB, T-Bone, and Andy Mineo have played significant roles in shaping his artistic path.

Locally, artists like Pompi, Mag44, Church, Jozi Jay, Damiano Mwana Mfumu have also left an indelible impact on his musical aspirations.

Da Exodus’s ultimate dream is to reach as many people as possible with the transformative message of the gospel, leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Additionally, he envisions collaborating with prominent artists such as Chileshe Bwalya, Franciar, Aaron, Yellow Dove, Solomon Plate, 1Faith, Kanji, Church Ulukuta, Tio Manson, Israel, and Nalu, among others.

Motivated by his passion to serve the Lord, advocate for the marginalized, and collaborate with fellow artists to enrich the genre of Gospel music, Da Exodus aims to use his music as a channel of encouragement and hope for the underprivileged and those facing adversity and calamities.

Gratitude fills Da Exodus’s heart for the individuals who have contributed to his journey thus far. Among them are Dazzling It Big Music Manager, Lawyerboy, Tunez Music Records Producer and Artist David Floyd, as well as his siblings, parents, guardians, and friends who believed in him despite societal challenges.

Above all, he attributes his success and achievements to God Almighty, recognizing Him as the cornerstone of his life and career.

Looking ahead, Da Exodus is fully committed to pursuing music as a lifelong career. His primary goal is to create impactful and uplifting songs that resonate with listeners, offering encouragement, ministry, and a sense of hope.

He remains dedicated to the music industry, with no plans of leaving unless directed otherwise. Currently, Da Exodus is diligently working on an upcoming EP (Extended Play) set to be released in the near future.