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Macky 2 ‘Voices In My Head’ Mp3

DOWNLOAD Macky 2 ‘Voices In My Head’ Mp3

Celebrated Zambian artiste Macky 2 officially drops his fresh new music,‘Voices In My Head.’ Evidently, the new single might be a track off his soon-to-be-released Album called “Olijaba“.

You all should check out this jam, it’s a song to educate us. Cause these “voices” are illusions; misinterpretations of an external stimulus.

Award winning artist Mulaza Kaira runs a Hope Foundation, which supports orphans and vulnerable children, According to his socail media post he said ‘‘Sorry To Everyone I Have Let Down. Those That Know Me Know My Heart Is In The Right Place.” After Nasty comments where Said About him On Social Media.

Zedjams understands that It’s impossible to evade criticism nowadays; there are simply too many review sites for you to keep anything quiet.

Word-of-mouth recommendations mean so much more than they used to pre-internet because one harsh comment can spread around the globe instantly.

If someone criticizes your institution, it’s important to respond and to respond constructively, thats what Macky 2′s new single teaches.

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Macky’s Statement

I Have Learnt To Be Thick Skinned And To Ignore All The Nasty Things Said About Me On Social Media.. I Actually Think I Thrive And Perform Better Unpressure. Its My Motivation.

But I Would Be Lying If I Said I Don’t Care What People Think.. Coz I Really Do. I Understand That I Have A Democratic Right To Choose Whoever I Want To Support.. I Also Understand That A Huge Part Of The Music Is business.. But.. It’s Selfish For Someone Like Me To Just Look Out For Myself And My Family.
They Say “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.

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