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“I Ask You One Last Time, Pick A Place A Date” – Slapdee Tells Caspper Nyovest For The Last Time!

Earlier today rapper Slapdee challenged South African rapper Casper Nyovest to a boxing fight after gathering his confidence in boxing.

Slapdee has asked Cassper Nyovest to pick a date and place where they will handle each other professionally.

This is what Slapdee wrote “I’m not much of a chatterbox. I don’t do well with small talk either so I won’t do a lengthy post about this.

I would have also thrown in a cuss word here and there to make my response look cool but I don’t want my confidence mistaken for arrogance!

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I’ll ask you one last time. Pick a place and a date on God’s green earth, I’ll be there!!!!! Let’s handle this like men. TALK IS CHEAP CAS!!!!


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