Jay Rox Ft. Kidman – PonaVideo

Jay Rox Ft. Kidman  - Pona Video
Jay Rox Ft. Kidman  - Pona Video

Jay Rox Ft. Kidman  – Pona Video

Headphone Music is proud to announce the release of Jay Rox’s latest single, “Pona,” featuring the dynamic collaboration with Kidman.

This track is set to ignite dance floors worldwide with its infectious rhythm and vibrant energy.

“Pona,” derived from the Bemba word meaning “come through,” encapsulates the essence of a night filled with dance and exhilaration. Jay Rox and Kidman invite listeners to join them on a musical journey where the beats compel even the most hesitant to hit the dance floor.

Produced by Pouli G and expertly mixed by The Mix Machine, “Pona” showcases Headphone Music’s commitment to delivering top-tier production quality and undeniable musicality. The synergy between Jay Rox and Kidman is palpable, creating a seamless blend of their distinct styles that is both captivating and exhilarating.

“We wanted to create something that not only makes people move but also leaves a lasting impression,” says Jay Rox about the inspiration behind “Pona.” “It’s about having a great time and creating memories through music.”

With its pulsating beats and catchy lyrics, “Pona” promises to be a summer anthem, resonating with fans of Afrobeat and dance music alike.

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Jay Rox - Pona Feat Kidman (Official Music Video)
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