JK & V/A Express Concerns in a Letter Regarding the Song ‘Dununa Reverse’


JK & V/A Express Concerns in a Letter Regarding the Song ‘Dununa Reverse’

PO BOX 32923


Monday 11th July 2016.

The Registrar

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services.
6th FLOOR,
New Government Complex,
P/O BOX 51025

The Registrar,


On 19th June 2016, we released a song titled “Dununa Reverse” as a campaign song for the Patriotic Front (PF) 2016 General Elections.

We also produced a video for the same song. We first performed this song at the PF Chongwe Presidential Rally in Chongwe.

We later did a video for the song, Both video and audio versions of the song are now played as part of the Patriotic Front official campaigns songs and adverts on both radio and television.

The song was written, produced and played by Jordan Katembula (JK), Wilson Lungu (Wille), Happy Machai Kayombo (Kayombo), Felix Phiri and Martin Kapesha (Shenky).

We are therefore saddened to learn that certain artists have copied, and reproduced our song.

We hold this development with alarm and disappointment because no authority or consent were sought to use all, or parts of the song from us and that our intellectual property rights to the song have clearly been stolen or breached.

It is in this view that we lodge a formal complaint to ensure that our rights are protected and the song as an intellectual property is secured.

Further we hope that a formal directive by your office can be issued to media organisation to ensure that our legal rights to the song is upheld, and that the media does not help in breaching this right by participating in playing unauthorized copies.

We hope this matter will be resolved quickly.

Thank you

Jordan Katembula (Jk)

For and On Behalf of Jordan Katembula(JK), Wilson Lungu (Wille), Happy Kayombo Machai (Kayombo), Felix Phiri (Feluix) and Martin Kapesha (Shenke)

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