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Katongo Opens Fire Shoots T-sean & Bowchase (2019 LATEST BEEF)


Katongo Opens Fire Shoots T-sean & Bowchase (2019 LATEST BEEF)

Check out katongo’s recent post responding to Bowchase & T-Sean over the a song that has brought differences by the acts involved.


To my fans I apologise in advance for addressing this matter so late AND I at the same time APOLOGISE for even having to address it but I feel now is the right time to say something.

Some months ago a boy by the name of Bow Chase made up lies and stories about me, saying i stole a song from him and his mentor T-Sean. They claimed their song ‘Future Wife’ sounded exactly like ‘Tinofara’ and that they pretty much wrote my song. God knows this is totally false.

Anyway, when Bow Fake was yapping away I kept silent. I decided not to address the matter, as I knew it was all lies and I had no reason to waste my time arguing with liars.

Funny enough when Bow Fake had sent me the track whilst I was in the UK and I was talking to my producer in London I said, ‘this beat these guys sent me sounds really familiar’… then I remembered that I had heard the beat from a producer who I know of in Europe.

I did not want to get involved with the song at that time and I am glad I did not as it turned out it was a stolen beat!! I actually know the European producer, that produced that beat. There are other Zambian artists who I know have stolen beats from youtube or other producers online (who share their beats to gain exposure) and then claimed they or someone local produced it! That’s theft, stop doing it!

Anyway, I decided not to say anything, but simply politely stayed silent and didn’t jump on their song.

Then, the little boy went on QTV to spread his lies about me further. The interviewer (SHOWSTAR) lapped it all up (we all know that Showstar loves drama.)

But what was even more pathetic is the fact that they even aired my telephone number on national TV and Youtube for the public to see. That was a huge breach of privacy and in fact my team had to contact Showstar and threaten to take action if he did not remove the video for violation of Privacy policy on youtube, facebook etc.

Showstar instantly removed the video, (see screenshots)

Due to Showstars unprofessional behavior, for 1 whole month I received a huge number of calls and messages from strangers who had gotten my number from the interview. Luckily, the calls and messages were from lovely fans.

Now I see that Showstar re-uploaded the video, but this time he had the human decency of blurring out my number, the man is really desperate to sell this story I guess 🤷🏾‍♀️

Anyway, after the interview that Bow Fake did on Qtv, I contacted the REAL producer of the beat for the song ‘furture wife’. As I mentioned before, that producer happens to be based in Europe. You see, I’m not the type of person that just talks, I take action!

When I contacted the real producer of the beat I told him, about the Zambian artists Bow Fake and Tsean who had stolen his beat without giving him credit. I have included a screenshot of the legal disclaimer in his website which talks about copyright infringement (see screenshot)

It didn’t take long before the producer took action and subsequently had Bow Fake ‘ song ‘furtue wife’ removed from international platforms like YouTube…. if you search for the song it is no longer on YouTube. It is only available on Zambian blogs.

Additionally, a British artist who is signed to ISLAND RECORDS released a song with that SAME beat which Bow Fake stole!!! The real producer of the song had sold the beat to the British artist. This further proves my point that Bow Fake and T Sean didn’t get rights for it, they put someone else name on it as the producer and then released it!! Hoping nobody would find out!!

Have a listen for yourselves, I will let you be the judge 🙊

CLICK HERE – To Listen To The British Artist Song

 (British Artist)

CLICK HERE – To listen to Bowchase’s same song involved
(Bow Fake and T Sean)

Bow Fake is a clout chaser. Even the fact that he only started mentioning my name when the Slap situation happened, just shows how much of a clout chaser he is.

Let’s see what lies they will try and make up this time! What will they say; that the European artist and Island records stole their music???? 😂😂😂 I bet they will stay silent because the beat was never theirs in the first place. But please I would love to see them try and take on ISALND RECORDS!!!! PLEASE TRY IT!!! They have exclusive rights to that beat, so good luck in court with the label and the REAL PRODUCER!!

Lesson here is – Don’t make up lies about people when you have a lot of Skeletons in your closet just so you can have some clout!!! 🐸🍵

‘People in glass houses should not throw stones’

Sorry that I didn’t want to jump on the song. You should have just called me and told me you were hurt about it and secondly you should not have waited till the Slap situation happened for you to grow balls and even mention this issue. You waited almost 1 year to say something!!! If someone stole my music I’m not waiting almost 1 year to say something. You wanted Clout and when there was some media attention you jumped on it – Pure and simple!!

Call me whatever you want, one thing I DID NOT DO IS STEAL ANYTHING FROM YOU!!!

Sadly I know there are some people who will believe lies but to my AMAZING FANS I am sorry that I even brought myself this low down to expose such nonesense! But the truth always comes out and you deserved to hear it.

And for the non fans and gullible dummies, just because someone releases something first to the public does not mean they are the originator of the material… let that sink in…

Niggas are out here stealing beats then pointing fingers at other people saying that they have stolen songs



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