Kb | My Diary part 3 Lyrics

Voice Over:

My Name Is Kb and This Is My Diary Part 3 There Is So Much I Wanna Share With But I Guese I Can’T Put All On A Song Truth Is I An’t Gat Too Many Freinds In This Business I Guese That’s The Nature Right But it’s All Good.

Verse 1.

I Took Some Time Off And Youngstars Thot I Was Done/ I Don’t Know What Chats Ya Checking We Still Number 1/ I Heard You Going Hard. Am From An Era Where Crisis Was A Big Dawg With A Big Dog/ They Wana Know How I Lost The Award/ Well, Congratulations To The Winner He Won/ I Give Em Applause, I Ain’t Losing No Sleep/ I Hold It Down To The Floor/ Its A Shame That Talent Doesn’t Matter Anymore/ So I Guess. That’s The Thanks I Get/ New Producers Throwing Shade At Every Chance The Get/ Am Just Watching From My Throne Coz Am Grown/ A Wife And Some Kids At Home/ Any Day Its Been Suits Over Troops/ If Your Fans Feeling Me Just Excuse The Massues/ Name A Career That I Aint Started/ In The Booth, On The Radio Supporting The Artists/ Ama keep This Flag In The Sky/ They Wave Coz We Fly/ We Passing You By/ You Couldn’t Fit In My Pants If You Tried/ I Stand By The Team K-amy Till I Die.

Chorus (NEO)

My Diary My Dairy My Diary… My Diary My Dairy My Dairy…. Pages On My Pain Pages On My Gain Dairy…. Pages On My Pain Pages On My Gain Dairy….

Verse 2 (Chef 187)

“Young Chef We All Over” Sounds So Soulfull”

“Listen” Dialy Ndachitapo Let Down Umo Pa Impiya Paka Achite Frown Umo/ Halo Nifika Pa Zoona Mu Town Umo/ One Day Nka Mufulilapo Crown Umo/ Ala Ishina Ili Lisa Nama Pressure”Sana” Life Is A … Don’t Know How To Face Her/ Abanandi Ba Bululu Nama Neighbours All Look To Me For Ama Favours/ Insokoshi Nfyele Fe Ukutinta/ Plus Nalilaya Nechupo Mutinta/ Lubuli Uli So Nfwele Fe Ukuchimfya Akapifya Amatumba Kafwele Fe Ukufinfya/ Bread Winner Ne Chalo Pakubeya Lesa Akabwesha Amapalo Pakubeya/ Mwishikulu Wabana Ka Pula Fyalo/ Sorry Ba Mbuya Nami Mwene Fe Ku Burail So Napano Mu Bwene Ndi Guilty Nolo Wali Itaika Kale Milki.

Voice Over (KB)

I Remember Meeting Chef Back In 2010 When Alpha Introduced Me To Him, I Had A Chance To Sign Him But Then I Thought He Was Tryna Sound Like His Brother “Well That’s One Thing I Regret Till Today” Well Such Is Life’ Have Leant One Thing Though Never Under Estimate Nobody Coz You Never Know What They Will Be Tommorow.

Verse 3 (Alpha Romeo)

“Aha”Mwenze Mu 2010 Journey Pene Eina Wamba Killa Enze/ Nganiza Ati Ndine Che Wa Vaimba/ So Nenze Navambili Vo Proover Bantu Mu Zambia Fulu Voba Uza/ Mu Game Nenze Shota So Siyenze Complete/ Nenze Funikila Kuti Ntizi Chaya Compete/ First Single President Enaba Ntila Mpepo/ Ba Ndabwa Nina imba Vene Sibane Imbempo/ Ninshi Tabagenela A Bit By Bit/ Killa Ango Panga Bit After Bit/ Wenze Hit After Hit No chaya Secure City/ Kwezelibe Na debate olo Ochaya Defeat Mupando Nina Utenga Slap Pene Ana Ulula/ Ndiye Pe Bana Ziba Ati Nkani Wa Lula/ Apa Abwela Ruler Kuba Kolopa Muller Basiya Naku Uhuwa Uhuwa Taba Shatapula/ Nilibe Time Yo Tomola Bene Tina Tandiza/ Bama Yenda Ma Years Ba Bwela No Ntipeza/ Still Ntikaliko Tichosa Che Vikali/ Mu Game Tikali Tima Sasa Mo Vikali/ Wonder Why Sibama Tichate Ko Nominate/ Sibakali Nabakali Nokuba Beye Bachiya Overate/ but Ili Che Hood Ndiye Motivation/ Bwela Pa K-Army Ndiye Pakali Occupation/

Chorus (NEO)

My Diary My Dairy My Diary… My Diary My Dairy My Dairy…. Pages On My Pain Pages On My Gain Dairy…. Pages On My Pain Pages On My Gain Dairy….

Voice Over (Kb)

Another Soulfull Record You Can Vibe With Shout Out To Chef, Apha ,Krytic One Of The Greatest The Country Will Ever Have .