Keisha The Black Rose | Broken Mirror Lyrics


Verse 1

Am sitting in the dark, hiding from my shadows/and the voices in my head won’t let my guilt go/see my mind won’t let me breathe oxygen has turned into a poison for me/conscious into stone my heart forever bleeds, tears start as drops and turn into a flaming a sea/

ooooh pain in crescendos, turning the tables…

/how do I let go? How do I let go when you are all I know.


Hey there broken mirror…I can see things more clearer now/hey there broken mirror…do you think am beautiful? Do you think am beautiful x2

Verse 2

Demons are mocking my soul, they tell me you do not value me God/tell me are they right or no? Has my sin made you blind to me or not God?/

The silence is violence to me and my spirit/I just can’t digest it. Emotions are oozing/I feel so imbalanced, my walls won’t stop crushing, Lord save me…wake me. Save me from myself/hey there broken mirror who’s the fairest of them all? Do these broken pieces remind you of the pain you caused? Hey there pain, addictions do you see the monster that’s deep within? Hey there broken mirror will you still love me??


Verse3 (poem)

I saw death tonight…so I gave him a shot of my blood and asked him to sit down as I explained my problems/ cause so many times I wrote him letters about them but he thought i was poetry punch lining so he snapped/not knowing i was oozing out emotions, chocking and dying/I a dark skinned Cinderella using her glass slipper to slit her wrist..cause unlike the others i realized fairytales don’t exist/if they did tinker bell should have had a tail but all she had were broken Veils that needed fixing and made everyone around her think she was well/I..sleeping beauty…waiting for prince Jesus to kiss my lips with his goose bump buddy the Holy Ghost/but as I woke up I realized my mouth was dripping with blood…I must have kissed the wrong spirit and made to a toast to the wrong host/I snow white…staggering up to my throne in my white scarlet stained dress/a bloody mess..with bruises and cuts as my priced possession../looking into the mirror and realizing i have no reflection…oh broken mirror…do you still think am beautiful…