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Kalandanya Music Promotions Contract For ‘Productions’ Amounting To 13. 5 Millions Was Invalid – PF Defends

Kalandanya Music Promotions Contract For ‘Productions” Amounting To 13. 5 Millions Was Invalid – PF Defends


Patriotic Front through its lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has filed a defense in court, denying owing Kalandanya the money he is claiming.



The PF stated that the party has never engaged Kalandanya for the purpose of production, promotion or development of any campaign songs.



It stated that if any such songs were ever produced, then it was at the gratuitous and self-imposed intention of Kalandanya.


“The songs referred to in the statement of claim were recorded at his instance and not of the defendant because the defendant did not request or engage in the production of the alleged campaign songs as the same was done by the plaintiff at his own volition,” the defense read further.


The PF added that it did not agree to any implied terms over the alleged contract as far as it was


It stated that Kalandanya was aware that the production of such songs would not produce any economic benefit.



“All transactions of the political party were submitted and approved by the Central Committee and not the National chairperson and the aforementioned was within the knowledge of plaintiff (Kalandanya).



The parties national chairperson has no capacity, right, authority whatsoever to engage or enter into any contract or transaction on behalf of the party as that authority rests on the secretary general with the assent of the party Central Committee.


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Therefore, the alleged contract was invalid. The political party never agreed to any transactions with the plaintiff more so for an astonishing amount of thirteen million five hundred thousand kwacha (ZMW13,500.000.00).


The plaintiff shall be put to strict proof of the same,” stated the PF.


(Source Mwebantu)


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