Koby | Last Time Lyrics

Verse 1
Story of my life, wake up every night
Just dreamin’, schemin’, Tryna find that sliver line
Never had no silver spoon, broke every single rule
Just to get to where I’m at had to do a lot of things that I bet you would never do
Had to remain so focused, right after losing hope
I’m so afraid of change, my pockets scared the most
Bad girls wanna have some fun
Good girls wanna settle down
Real niggas Tryna make more money
What else we talking bout
Okay man I’ve been a little selfish for a minute
I’ve been stuck up in my ways and I pray for God’s forgiveness
but I probably shouldn’t promise cause I end up where I started
So I keep my fingers crosses and make a promise…

Last time was the last time but now this feels like the first time Come on
I apologised but now I’m back at it like how this happen? Come on
I’ve been here before and now I’m here again I got bad habits Come on
Now I’m numb to it
I don’t really feel bad at all
Need to make up my mind and let it go
Cause I think I might start to lose control
Ever think about the time when you be doing it wrong and then you realise that it’s all you know
Had to pick up the pieces and put them all in a puzzle to paint a pic taken not so long ago
Let you see what I’m going through but I can never let it show
But that’s alright
Make money to pay that price
Seems like we all have advice till we in then we act surprised like
“Oh man okay I swear this the last time I swear, I swear”

I’ve been chillin’ I’ve been texting, I’ve been loving way too much
See it’s all about decisions when you base it all on trust
See my vision is your vision
When we show up at the party put your glasses in the air
Just to let them know
You’ve been there you’ve done that
You’ve been there you’ve done that
I’ve been there I’ve done that
I’ve been there I’ve done that
But I promise
This is the ‪#‎LastTime‬

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