Local Producer Tonny Breezy Admits His got no time for artists without labels

Tonny Breezy

Tonny Breezy a producer behind countless hits in the country has admitted on social media that his got no time for all artists that do not belong to any record label.

This came, in response to Muzo’s yet to come single’s which will be redirected as disses one for Tonny Breezy and Tiye P both tagged songs are tagged Tiye mupili na honda and Itoni Mbuli Ni Zee. Below is the snipet of tonny’s post captioned off Facebook.

“Who’s Muzo kanshi? LOL

Been LOW KEY about this nonsense 👉🏼 “Itoni please” Bla bla, 🙄till now you’ve actually persuaded me that you got a problem with me. HOW have i even become a part of this dispute between YOU & TIYE P that you now gotta dare play with me!? This lifeless beef path you’ve taken is stupid! I dont even need no beat to revive you back up boy! Under normal circumstances i don’t even have time for lil broke rappers with no label to their names, busy putting out useless records with no vibes notuma metaphor twakumushi! Stealing “Conceited’s” style and still not making money 💰?

F😵k with me and make guap dude! Beef nomusalu mumeno sure??

You’re mad cause you’re hungry bro?



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