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Macky 2 Confirms Release Date For ‘Olijaba’ Album

Macky 2 Confirms Release Date For ‘Olijaba’ Album

Macky 2 confirmed on Sunday (Jan. 23) that his frequently delayed album ‘Olijaba’ is due out on February 28. 2022.

Macky 2’s new album ‘Olijaba’ is set to be out next month Monday, 28 February 2022, he confirmed in a Facebook post. The post features him celebrating a new reach follow up after he hit close a million followers on Book.

Macky Announced last August with the Muzo AKA Alphonso collaboration “Take It Easy,“ ‘Olijaba’ was first set for October release before repeated delays.

Today’s confirmation follows a Stigen promo and AKA feature on Beautiful Night pointing to February 28 release date.

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