Kshow 4sho (Katandula Mwale) Full Biography

Kshow 4sho (Katandula Mwale) Full Biography
Kshow 4sho (Katandula Mwale) Full Biography

Meet Katandula Mwale, widely known as Kshow 4sho, a highly acclaimed video producer hailing from Zambia’s Northern Province and beyond.

Born on September 24th in Kasama, Katandula began his educational journey at Ituna Basic School and later completed his secondary education at Mungwi Technical School. It was during his time there that he developed a deep passion for music and aspired to make a remarkable contribution to the Zambian music industry. At school, he showcased his talent as a beat drummer, captivating audiences with his rhythmic skills.

Katandula’s interest in music continued to flourish even after completing his secondary schooling, despite the academic pressures he faced. Initially starting as a vocalist, he soon realized that his endeavors in music alone were not sufficient. This realization led him to shift his focus towards video production, specializing in creating music videos, capturing weddings, kitchen parties, documentaries, chilanga mulilo, and amatebeto for memorial purposes.

Currently, Katandula holds the prestigious positions of founder, owner, and CEO at Kshow 4sho Studios [inc]. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with notable musicians such as Khesty, Banky Bias, Muzo Alphonso, DJ Baby, Mot Smile, Maseraty, Morgie Joe, Dj franty, King G2, Rick Man, Martins, Lagun BK, Johnsolja, Simpasa, Wiz Ku, Comfort, Dj Klos, Budman, Sakayombo, Alonso, Jay C, D smile, Conkix G, Changu, and many others.

In 2012, Katandula made the decision to relocate to Kitwe in the Copperbelt region, where he resided with his uncle, who was deeply involved in video production. It was here that Katandula’s aspirations began to take shape, and he embarked on a journey to turn his passion into a reality.

Katandula pursued a course in Purchasing and Supply at the Zambia Institution of Business and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP), and also acquired certification in Video Production & Editing. His work stands out with its exceptional quality, and he is highly regarded for his dedication to working closely with individuals, exhibiting remarkable timing both in Zambia and abroad.

Currently, Katandula’s primary focus lies in collaborating with renowned local and international artists and producers. He draws inspiration from the works of Katala Lupunga, Justin Compose, and the late Munyemesha Munyemesha, also known as M2 (Rest in Peace).

In addition to his achievements in video creation and editing, Katandula Mwale, known as Kshow 4sho, is also an entrepreneur dealing in computer and phone accessories.

To stay updated with Katandula Mwale’s ventures, you can follow him on the provided contact details:

Cell: +260979709370 / +260964409806

WhatsApp: +260979709370

Facebook: Katandula Mwale

Facebook page: kshow 4sho.inc

Email: katanddulamwale@gmail.com

YouTube: kshow 4sho.inc

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