Mumba Yachi tempted to rape Zambian Laws

Mumba Yachi tempted to rape Zambian Laws

It is clear that most comments being posted of Zambians advocating for a #FreeMumbaYachi campaign are driven by a cowardly enticed agenda with the majority commenting without understanding the facts of the offence he committed.

The same chaps advocating for his release have been the ones castigating him over his looks and especially his recent short lived bonding with Wezi and now want to appear all saintly after Mumba was busted. Now where is the real sympathy from such fibsters?

The Department of Immigration is a state institution mandated to ensure all immigration procedures are upheld by every individual wishing to stay in Zambia or most importantly acquire citizenship regardless of the songs someone produced or their standing in society.

Firstly, Zambians have been subjected to a false representation of Mumba Yachi who has been saying his real names are Mumba Yamfwa Chintenta contrary to names revealed by the Immigration Department of ‘Shadrick Chite Mukenge‘, an indication of fraud.

Secondly, Mumba was not arrested from the blues but contrary to section 13 (1) (c) of the National Registration Act and section 23 (1) (a) of the Passports Act, 2016 of the Laws of Zambia, for obtaining an NRC and Passport using wrong representation.

In as much as Mumba is a great singer, who has lived in Zambia for however, long that might have been, he attempted to rape our Zambian laws and he was fished out just for such an offence.

Demanding for his release on the basis of him having been a good singer and the defense that he has grown up in Mukambo will not get him out of the stir, because it is him versus the law and not sympathy.

I personally am a desirous follower of his music, but that does not guarantee me to rant on social media demanding for his release.

Let Mumba Yachi be cleared by the courts and it’s only that which will get him out, not the impotent sympathy being shown off my most people on social media. Lawlessness must never be allowed no matter how ‘popular’ an individual may appear among his friends. Credit goes ocent.


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