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Muzo AKA Alphonso Sends An Advice to Fans Who Don’t Understand His Music


Muzo AKA Alphonso Sends An Advice to Fans Who Don’t Understand His Music

Akapondo mumadango Muzo AKA Alphonso has a message to all those who claim not to understand his music. He finally responded after weeks of debate among some of his fans claiming not to understand the meaning to some of his songs.

An unbowed Muzo in his message said that all those who listen to his music should have a ‘mature enough’ brain to unwrap contents of his music.

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“Make sure your brain is mature enough to understand my music or else you will forever never know what I talk about. Akapondo mumadango,” he wrote on Facebook.

Musondo formally known as Muzo had his fans confused with metaphors in his lyrics on KB Killa Beats’ ‘My Diary 11’. Some of Muzo’s fans had a hard time understanding his lyrics in the song.

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In one of his lines, for example, Muzo says “kuli bonse efyo ndomba menshi (what I ask for from everyone is water).

The interpretation behind this is that he doesn’t ask for too much from anyone. But something as little as water – which is figurative for love – is all he needs because everyone can offer it.

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To understand Muzo’s songs, one must think deeply and outside the box. He mainly uses metaphors to put his message across. His wordplay with metaphors is unrivalled and requires a bright mind to decipher his message.

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