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Nez Long, VJeezy & Drimz Endorses Next Rated Singer Chile One | See

Nez Long, VJeezy & Drimz Endorses Next Rated Singer Chile One | See

Vjeezy Writes,

It breaks my heart to see another up and coming talent mocked and made feel inferior . Our role as role models is to ensure no one goes through what we went through , we have to make it easier for the next generation. Therefore , I’d like to offer any kind of support to Chile on his way to the top .

Nez Long Shared!

Watching Chile’one MrZambia ‘s interview reminded me a lot about my come up and the things I had to endure in the beginning!

The thing is you gotta listen to advice and sometimes pretend to listen to advice. Sometimes take the advice sometimes laugh at the advice 😅 most importantly listen to yourself and your instinct 👌🏽 cause one day you are gonna look back at what you did and not be happy because you did it to prove a point to someone But regardless of what’s thrown at you, you stay composed as you were in that interview and apply yourself the same way in this business.

Drimz Wrote!

Future Is Bright My young Brother💪. Consistency Chabe Walafika Nombaline Muntu Wandi..
Mwechalo, I Present To You CHILE ONE..



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