komboni radio fails to award prize money to-Artists

Komboni Radio To Resume Transmission

Lusaka based upcoming artists who won the komboni radio awards last  year on 24th October, they corfirmed to this reporter that they have not yet been paid their money for the awards won up to now.

Therefore following the story for over a year now the artists that dared to ask for their prize were warned mentally that if they continued pursing this money their music will be blacklisted on the radio station.

After so much  pressure and trying to know the way forward about the prize money  they were told that the main sponsors for the awards(Airtel) withdraw from the awards which went on and were on all media reports, below is a newspaper clip about the the awards

Its evident during sumbmitions of the music that were to be entered in the awards a fee of K10 was charged, the prize up for grabs promised per category was K10,000 (10,000000 old currency).

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