Petersen Zagaze Full Biography.

Born Mukubesa Mundia in Lusaka Zambia, Petersen entered the Zambian music scene in 2002 as a song writer and backing vocalist for various renowned Zambian artists. Petersen had his first taste on what was to be an incredible journey by writing ‘goodnight’ for a group called Ba Crazy; the song was an instant hit and was also the title track for the group’s album which featured Petersen on two of the tracks. His songwriting received such a huge response from fans around and instantaneously generated a demand for his creativity amongst other artists.

In 2003, Petersen worked with then Mondo Music Corp.’s Bob Mabege on his ‘Mr. True album and featured on the hit single ‘Poor Finishing’ of the same album. Later that year Petersen wrote ‘Nzabagwile’ by 2 Proud and was introduced to music producer ‘Jerry Fingaz’. By 2004, Petersen had written, composed and featured on ‘Vobweleka bweleka’ and ‘Ngayaposa Kukosa’ for Mwembe Muntu’s album, one half of the group ‘Black Muntu’s; these tracks led Petersen into performing alongside big and renowned artists.

This propelled him to the standards of sharing the same platform with the likes of Mainza, Leo Muntu, CQ Muzukulu, Danny, Wile, Bruna (Angola), Extra Musica (Congo Brazzaville), Zombo of Abashante (South Africa), Gidigidi Majimaji (Kenya), Skwatta Camp (South Africa), Mafikizolo (South Africa), Pitch Black Afro (South Africa), Mzekezeke (South Africa), Proverb (South Africa), Nasty D, Amayenge and many more. Petersen’s musical journey has since moved from strength to strength.
Having become the name on everybody’s tongue, by 2005, Petersen was ready to release his own material. He released his debut single ‘Munyaule’ featuring General Ozzy, which was an instant nationwide hit. Due to the massive buzz the song created, he then titled his first album after the successful single Munyaule and had its release in December of the same year. The album also included hits like ‘Oh No’, ‘Body Girl’, ‘Promise’ and ‘Wedding Day’. By now Petersen became a household name and saw him become one of the most prominent artists in Zambia. When 2006 approached Petersen was at a level where he was able to grace the international stage and toured the entire Zambia, United Kingdom and South Africa.

In 2007, Petersen went back into the studio for his sophomore album title ‘Bobojani’ with renowned producer Ben Blazer of Blazer studio. This was a major breakthrough nationally and birthed hits like Nilabeko, Munyaule Nafuti, Anyandule, Musiye Atopinge, Love yapa phone, Bobojani and majority of the other tracks from the album. The album gained massive recognition on the African continent in particular amongst the neighboring countries.

Petersen ‘s CV boasts with collaborations with great artists such as Shy Man, JK , Ozzy, Danny, O.C, Zone Fam, MC Wabwino, Nameless(Kenya) Wyre(Kenya), Tay Grin(Malawi), Gal level(Namibia) Gazza(Namibia), Fishman(Namibia), Bongani Fassie(South Africa), Biblos(South Africa). He has graced the international stage with Werrson (Wenge Musica) of DR Congo, Lucius Banda of Malawi, Gal Level of Namibia, Buffalo Souljah of Zimbabwe, Tay Grin and Wendy Harawa of Malawi, Nameless and Wahu of Kenya, P Square of Nigeria, Kabelo, Bleksem, DJ Cleo of South Africa just to name a few.

As an avid songwriter, whilst working on his third album titled ‘Job 13; 13’, Petersen released a compilation album of some of his studio material on the 14th of September titled ‘Stoga’. Stoga is a taste of what is expected from his third album and was received with rave reviews in Zambia, and across the border.

‘Job 13;13’ was released in 2012 and was an album for the masses as it was created to have a much more international crossover appeal, something that a lot of his fans across and within the African continent enjoyed. A political, Religious and social commentary album with no age and status limit appeal. Later in 2013 whilst on a tour in the UK, Petersen Zagaze released a compilation dubbed “The Best of Petersen Zagaze” which included news songs Like ‘Party Time, Kumanda kuli boring, sefula boy and Nionje ( Nilabeko Swahili version) produced in Kenya by Herbal Records’ Maich Blaq and The Herbalist.

2015 after returning from the USA, he released his “King Solomon Album” that saw him get a KORA AWARD Nomination on his song called ‘Waya’. He is Currently touring the nation, Continent and world on his album promotional concerts.


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