PhatD Tha HolocauST | Biography

PhatD Tha HolocauST is a Rich Conscious lyrical MC born and raised in the slums under the Zambezi sun. Born on July 25th back in 1992(real names) Dingani Rashid Ndapisha AKA PhatD hails in Lusaka, Zambia.

This kid is multi-talented and has taken time to master his skills in performing arts(mainly), TV/Radio Commercial Advertiser, Music Writing, Producing and I.C.T Consultation just to pop a few.

Growing up in a family background that was really music oriented helped him realize his specialty and perfect his craft. The rapper cities cites his music influences from legendary Hip-Hop artists such as Nas, Big PUN, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Rakim, Micheal Jackson whom he spent time listening to as a Youth.

“My Music has been a bliss since I got hold of what I love doing,”MusicHe says. PhatD is a rapper who uses his talent to impart positive change in the society by dwelling his content on real life and social issues affecting the community.