PilAto – Baza Video

Pilato continues to release more appealing music, he drops a single called “Baza” which means “Work”.

“Environmentalist Douty Chibamba says “One of the main reasons why Lusaka is now home to annual floods and frequent water shortages is the continued destruction of the city’s environment, particularly the depletion of forests that provide much of its water resources. The city’s major forest reserve is the Lusaka East Forest Reserve, or Local Forest No. 27 (Forest 27 henceforth).

Approximately 1,800 hectares in size, Forest 27 provides the residents of Lusaka with all the ecosystem goods and services that nature has bequeathed to humans. More importantly, it provides the regulating services (climate and water regulation – dust, flood, drought control) and supporting services (soil formation, nutrient cycling, and primary production – recharge zone).

Both regulating and supporting services are crucial to the communities that depend on the Chalimbana River and the residents in the city of Lusaka in the face of climate change”.

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