PMC (Philimon Mwansa) Full Biography

PMC (Philimon Mwansa) Full Biography
PMC (Philimon Mwansa) Full Biography

Philimon Mwansa Born on the 15th of February 1995 known professionally as DJ PMC, a Zambian Entertainer, Radio Presenter, Tv host, Mc and Television producer.

PMC rose to stardom in 2018 with show that Centered on helping young up coming
creatives to discover their talent and push their music.

PMC became the house old name among the best radio presenters in Zambia with an organic following. While at Pan African Radio, PMC obtained a certificate in Journalism and Pretation skills under the United States of American Embassy.

Later received an advance certificate from the embassy. As a creative and lover of music, PMC Released songs like: – “I miss You” a Tribute song to his Late Mother etc. PMC has shared the same Stage with likes of Tiye P, Drifta Trek just to mention a few.

In 2021, PMC won the best radio presenter in Zambia under the prestigious ZIKOMO awards and he was also later nominated for best radio presenter and music promoter in southern african. Currently PMC is consider as the best brand for both radio and tv.

Yatu vibes by popular demand is picked as the most authentic music show that brings out conversations with industry expects that you don’t on daily base with conversations such as why is Zambian music failing to cross boarders.

PMC is the heart of afternoon radio at Joy FM Zambia and the producer of Yatu vibes on Prime
tv. Prime Tv is voted as the most watched and stream tv station Zambia.

Education Background and early life.

Betarted school in 2001 at Kabanana primary school then Let Moved to New Kabanana Secondary school. By God’s grace he Completed School at highlands Secondary school in Lusaka in 2014.


PMC started music at the age of 17 Years old, He used to perform at School variety Shows by lip sinking, in 2013 he made his debut with a song titled “ambition”the song was produced by Roller Studios.

PMC lived with his father in Kabanana area with, his Father who supported his dreams, sadly died in 2019 on the 25th of December. Christmas remains one of the days that he picks as the day to celebrate his father’s legacy.

Digital footprint

PMC is currently the second most followed radio personality both is Instagram and Facebook. As of Facebook PMC stands with most engagements with 1000 of comments from his radio show and tv show.

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