Slap Dee Inspires Young Kings

SlapDee & Mbachi Survives A Car Accident

King Deezo Has Attracted His Dreams By Having A Pivotal Experience In Music Business, And He Has Had Privallage To Sit On Top Of Game.

The Self Aclaimed King Has Had His Talent Not Only By His Natural Nature But His Inner Passion Which Has Driven And Allowed Him To Devote His Time And Energy Towards Zed Hip hop.

Today We Define Slap Dee Rather King Deezo As A Finished Product And a Mastered Craft, after Having See Him Inspire Young Kings From A Bible Quote.

Slap Dee Has Been Consistenly Being Known For Spiting Hard Lines In Zed Hip Hop, Which Bridge Middle Class Hip Hop Fans With The Streets, Lifestyle, Idealogies And Society.
His Music Makes His Fans Think, He Puts His Spins On Sensitive Subjects To Make Delve Further And Go Harder.

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