SociaLumiere Shuts Down “2016”

SociaLumiere Dot Net(The Greatest Site Of Them All) shuting down. SociaLumiere Dot net which had toped as one of the top five music sites in zambia in the 2014 ZMB Top five sites in 2014, To Shut Down.

Below Are the reasons the site is shuting down.

It is with great sadness that I write to you to announce that SociaLumiere shall cease to exist on the 31st of December 2016.

Three years ago, SociaLumiere started out with the sole intention of increasing the visibility of the Zambian music and fashion industry to the world and I would like to believe it achieved this objective.

Over the past three years we got to interact and meet several hard-working celebrities such as Roberto, General Ozzy and many others. Through our interviews we brought you close to your favourite celebrities and our news tried to keep you informed on what was happening.

Our music publications tried to remain as urban as possible and even though we may not have published every upcoming artists’ song it did not mean that the music was not good enough it just meant it needed a little more work. SLTV tried to bring you video interviews and highlights but this came with many challenges.

However, we hope that you enjoyed watching the few videos we published. The biggest highlight for us was being in attendance when Zambia’s very own ZoneFam won the first ever Channel O Music Video Award. I shall never forget that day and am sure Natalie, who was present with me, will never forget it too.

The reasons for closure are many and I will not cite or disclose these at the moment but it is important to understand this was not an easy decision just like many others we shall have to make in life.

Without further ado, I would like to personally thank Duncan Sodala, Chanda Mbao and the ladies Mafashio for being some of our greatest supporters and believing in and appreciating the work we did.

Above all, my greatest gratitude goes to Natalie Nyoni who has been cardinal to the overall success of SociaLuimiere from the beginning as it would not have been where it is today if it were not for her hard work, patience and determination. I know closing the site does bring her great sadness as we have shared many moments and sleepless nights creating the website, drafting the content and publishing it on time. I salute you ‘My Nana’. Lastly, thank you all for granting us the opportunity to give you the best content that we could and for visiting our site.

Until next time, it’s goodbye from the entire SociaLumiere Team.

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