T-Boy Born Tanonga Nswana Chenda, Was Born In Kabwe To Roza Chenda

He fell in love with music from as far back as he can remember. T-Boy particularly recalls his school days when he used to sing for his classmates whenever they had a free period.

At this point, only his classmates had the pleasure of enjoying T-Boy’s unique and powerful voice, until he met a guy called Don Mawele. It was Don who encouragd T-Boy to try and professionally record music. Immediately after high school in 2003, he released his 1st single and many people started taking a liking to it.

However, T-Boy soon had to temporarily put his musical career on hold in order to pursue a college education.

In 2005, T-Boy hit the studio once again and started working on his debut album that he called “Amama”. It was produced by Jerry Fingers of One Love Studio. It also was during this period that he met B-Flow and they formed a group called the “Explosion Family”.

The group had 4 members, namely, T-Boy, B-Flow, Joewy Bizzy and Flem B.

T-Boy’s debut album was released under SuperShine Investment Ltd but it didn’t do very well due to most of the songs on the album being in English. This was at a stage in the Zambian music industry that it was so hard for a song in English by a Zambian artist to be a hit.

After this set back, T-Boy did not quit but decided to take a short sabbatical in order to discover himself. After along time experimenting, his efforts finally paid off when in 2009, he came up with the with the “unmistakable, unique and volcano blazing” (as T-Boy puts it himself) hit Mwati Uziba …. (more after the video) T-Boy – Mwati Uziba (Music Video) It was at this time that T-Boy believes his musical career began. Mwati Uziba shot straight to the number 1 spot on all Zambian radio stations and stayed there for over 8 weeks.

This hit single got T-boy nominations to the “Ngoma” & “Born-n-Bred” Awards, and also won him “Best Written Song of 2009″ on the Radio Phoenix’s “Song of the Year” contest. Mwati Uziba was also runer-up for the Radio Pheonix “Song of the Year” of 2009 and the video to it won “Best Video Of The Year” on Muvi TV.

Since then T-Boy”s music has only been geting better and better.