TBwoy (Tanonga Nswana Chenda) Full Biography


From his earliest memories, T-Boy’s passion for music was undeniable. During his school days, he delighted his classmates by serenading them during free periods.

Initially, T-Boy’s mesmerizing voice was exclusively enjoyed by his classmates, until he crossed paths with a fellow named Don Mawele. It was Don who encouraged T-Boy to explore professional music recording. In 2003, immediately after high school, T-Boy released his first single, which garnered considerable admiration from many listeners.

However, T-Boy temporarily put his musical aspirations on hold to pursue a college education.

In 2005, T-Boy returned to the studio and commenced work on his debut album titled “Amama,” produced by Jerry Fingers of One Love Studio. It was during this period that he connected with B-Flow, and together they formed the dynamic group known as the “Explosion Family.”

Comprising of four members—T-Boy, B-Flow, Joewy Bizzy, and Flem B—the group embarked on their musical journey. Unfortunately, T-Boy’s debut album, released under SuperShine Investment Ltd, did not achieve significant success. The predominance of English-language songs on the album posed a challenge, as it was a difficult time for Zambian artists to attain hits with English tracks.

Undeterred by this setback, T-Boy resolved to take a brief hiatus to embark on a journey of self-discovery. After extensive experimentation, his perseverance paid off in 2009 when he unleashed the unmistakable and explosive hit, “Mwati Uziba.” T-Boy considers this moment to be the true beginning of his musical career. “Mwati Uziba” swiftly claimed the number one spot on all Zambian radio stations, maintaining its reign for over eight weeks.

The success of this single earned T-Boy nominations for the “Ngoma” and “Born-n-Bred” Awards. Additionally, it secured him the prestigious title of “Best Written Song of 2009” in Radio Phoenix’s esteemed “Song of the Year” contest. “Mwati Uziba” also emerged as the runner-up for the Radio Phoenix “Song of the Year” in 2009, while its accompanying music video claimed the “Best Video of the Year” accolade on Muvi TV.

Since then, T-Boy’s musical prowess has only continued to flourish, with each new release surpassing the last in quality and impact.