T-Sean & Kekero – EMBE Album Streaming

T-Sean and Kekero are two of the most successful music makers both renowned singer-songwriters and producers, teamed up for a collaborative album, ‘EMBE’, and the first of its kind in Zambian music history.

The 15-track masterpiece album is about love and friendship and is slated to edutain listeners about both.

Listen to the songs below one by one.

1. Loyal ft. Kekro

Loyal is a song going out to a significant other whose getting guaranteed they will never cry never again during the entirety together.

2. Suyopa ft. Kekero

In the song ‘Suyopa’, Kekero sings “You will never miss the well until the well runs dry. Ngati umukonda sunga fune umuluza (If you love someone, you wouldn’t want to loose them.”

3. Go Down Ft. Kekero & kaladoshas

Go Down serves as one the songs that made it as single’s which had dropped earlier as the build up to the end product of the album, you already have a feel to this one its Zed-ama-piano .

4. Too Nice ft. kekero & Kaladoshas

Too Nice is that chilled record and suitable for any type of chill you would think of the deliveries from the trio was beautifully done.

5. Amina Ft. Kekero

If you are a total music  follower you would tell this song is a dancehall joint from its title, Kekero came in harder than you would imagine on Amina steam above.

6. Levels Ft. Kekero

On ‘Levels’, T-Sean sings to a former friend “I see you got new friends now…….. They (only) love you for the money and the girls dems”.

7. EMBE ft. Kekero

Track number (7) is a special song which happens to be the album title, its a song that is narrating to a lover to hold tight and sticky around in rough times, better days are around the corner.

8. Jim & Jack ft. Kekero

On Jim & Jack Kekero opens the first lines emphasizing the ladies before T-Sean laces his verses and vocals on the reggae jam.

9. Bwela Ft. kekero

The duo singers & producers joined forces with rapper Jae Cash on track number 10 pinned “Bwela” the sweet serenaded Afrobeat’s song.

10. Run Away ft. Kekero

The record making it on number 10 is insightful and a relatable song which will easily speak to listeners and make airwaves.

11. Mufilamab Ft. Kekero

Mifilamaba is a every guys story, there are times when men go through hardships while in a relationship & things seems are not moving, listen to what they instaaled

12. The perfect Break Up Song Ft. Kekero

The EDM infused track dubbed “The perfect Break Up Song” above was amazingly complemented by the instrument and vocals they laced to it, its a break up joint  so at this moment you just have to let go & dance along to this one.

13. Panono Ft. kekero

Life is a journey, begin from the bottom, live life, learn from it and make sure to end it with happiness Panono is all those life processes.

14. Killa Love Ft. Kekero & WAJ

The vibes on the second last tune “killa Love” is undeniably the great piece the duo worked on, they recruited WAJ on it enjoy this one.

15. Together ft. Kekero

To conclude the album here is a song christened “Together” a song talking eternity in a relationship, T-Sean & Kekero thought well to have this record as the last song on the album.

Check out The Track-list.