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Aqualaskin - ConseQuences Video

Aqualaskin – ConseQuences Video

Aqualaskin just added life to his latest new single called “ConseQuences” which he performs on set in stunning way. The eye catching video adds a unique energy and excitement to the music, and will enhance the overall experience for the audience. Overall It’s great to

AQUALASKIN Is Wack Cinori XO Says (See Why)

AQUALASKIN Is Wack Cinori XO Says (See Why)

Rapper Cinori Xo has publicly criticized fellow musician AQUALASKIN, calling him a “wack artist” in a post on his Facebook page. The post, which was accompanied by the caption “Let’s stop pretending,” comes after the release of AQUALASKIN‘s new hip-hop song “Balankumbwa,“. Xo’s post has