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Listen To Earddrum60, Radio Audio In Headsets By Sanga Tembo. Each Radio Station Highlights A Collection Of Full-Length Tracks Trom Artists, Groups & labels, And Zedjams We Present To You The Full hiphop Radio Show Online For Free Download.

Alpha Romeo Talks About His Coming Album

Last Weeks Hip-Hop Eardrum Featured Alpha Romoe, Lloydee And Kruger. The One Hour Show kicked off With Some Hip-Hop Hard Jams On On The list Letter Followed By “Top Three Extra” And Alpha Spoke About His Coming Album On The Show For Full Details Stream

Sanga Tembo | Full Biography

Sanga Tembo | Full Biography

Sanga Tembo, born January, 28th, 1989 in Ndola City on the Copper belt, is a Zambian TV and Radio Personality, Publicist (@NXTSolutionz), Voice-over Artist, Events DJ and Audio Producer. Growing up in Ndola’s Masala Township around Hiphop and other genres, sharing music and his opinion