Top #5 Best Albums Released So Far This Year

Mr P (P-Square) ,Chef 187 , Skales,

This year we have one of the greatest year in album releases by local artist with yet more to come. We are about to break down and direct you with five of the best albums released so far. NOTE: This list is arranged from bottom to top.

5: BW2 – SlapDee

BW2 was highly an anticipated album that just brought about people’s adrenaline’s be high, the release satisfied fans after waiting to hear it. BW2 is that energetic and groovy album to listen performed by the king.


4: GIOVANNI – Jea Cash

GIOVANNI is a brilliant debut album done by persisting act Jae cash, the album was dedicated to his son. GIOVANNI is an album that has enough wordplay in it accompanied with great features.


3: Superstar – Roberto


This album was not expected to be one of Zambia’s biggest project, well get from here Superstar yet to be Roberto’s biggest album from home and on the international scene.

2: Red – Tiye P

Tiye P has leveled his art and craft by creating the best Hip-Hop album for 2017, which is currently still outstanding in the circles of Hip-Hop.

1: Amnesia – Chef 187

Chef 187 has had a giant album this year with almost each track has hit the country. Amnesia has greatly defined chef 187 to be one of the hard working and also has shaped him as best artiste this day error.

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