Two Possible Reasons that could have had Mamba Yachi Deported?

Two Possible Reasons that could have had Mamba Yachi Deported?

Mumba Yachi is a Zambian folk singer, he was introduced on scene with his debut single in 2009, on a song titled “What have you done to me” famously known to his music fans as “Webuchushi“.

The folk singer was liked during that time and saw his song receive all kind of opinions from positive to negative views with support from both television and radio stations.

We tried to look on two possible reasons that could have led to the deportation of mumba yachi and below are the two?

What have you done to me – This is a single that put mumba yachi on market, in the song the artists sung about the sufferings and hardships of employment in the country etc.

Watch and listen to the actual song/video.

Icinyau – in this one mumba yachi was featured by shimasta to do the chorus, Now typically looking on this song, it was received with mixed fillings by people in power which saw to the song being burned from airing on national television and all national broadcasting  radio stations.

 It seems the rightful owner of this particular record was discovered as as pure, in conclusion he was spared, and unfortunately his other partner mumba yachi was discovered to be a Congolese national and was observed to be causing …. With his lyric deliverly.

Watch and listen to actual song/video.

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