Yo Maps Fill Up Heroes Stadium 50 Kwacha Tickets Sold Out, Ba Olio Family Calls For Additional Printed Tickets at 50 Kwacha


In a remarkable feat, Yo Maps has successfully sold out all the 50 Kwacha tickets for his highly anticipated Fill Up Heroes Stadium concert.

However, the ardent supporters of Yo Maps, known as the Ba Olio Family, have expressed their fervent desire for an increased supply of 50 Kwacha tickets.

The enthusiastic response from fans has been overwhelming, with the available 50 Kwacha tickets being quickly snatched up.

His fans (Olio Family) have passionately voiced their request for the production of additional 50 Kwacha tickets.

Recognizing the strong desire of fans to attend the event and support their favorite artist, they hope for a solution that accommodates as many people as possible.

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The organizers and management of Yo Maps’ Fill Up Heroes Stadium concert are aware of the situation and are actively considering the best course of action.

Updates regarding the availability of more tickets will be provided shortly, stay glued.

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